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  • 011 Anxiety Can Be a Family Trend but Families Can Heal with Neelma Pyfrom, MA, Life Coach
  • 010 Claiming the Full Range of Our Emotions with guest Isha Vela, trauma psychologist
  • 009 Discovering Your Steps to Clarity with guest Katherine Golub, MBA PCC
  • 008 Historic Romance and Real-life British Royalty of Color with author August Jade Sterling
  • 007 The Creative Feminine Brain with guest Sayantika Mukerjee-Amspacher
  • 006 Women Supporting Women with author Marian L. Thomas
  • 005 Self-worth/self love with guest Misty Perry
  • 004 Childhood & Female Enculturation
  • 003 Elevate Women: Prioritizing Self-care
  • 002 Elevate Women philosophy: the female empowerment mission
  • 001 Prioritizing Personal Happiness with guest Jedidah Karanja, product and digital marketer

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