Quiz Results--all three

1. A Temperate Woman

Say it with me, “It’s okay to slow down.  I deserve to feel amazingly good in my body, in my mind, and in my spirit.”  You can start with replacing empty calories like too much television or regularly listening to negative news stories with nourishing inputs like ten minutes of quiet and slow breathing everyday, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and by starting a habit of walking . . . ten minutes, 20 minutes, and keep going. 

Look around your life and assess if you have surrounded yourself with healthy, happy, positive energy friends and family members.  Sign up for a class in a new interest.  Transition into quiet space just before a regular bedtime.  Keep going.  You’ll feel stronger and better.

SUGGESTED FIRST TRAININGS:  Self-help & Self-Identity; Life Balance; Prioritizing Personal Happiness. 

2. A Woman Life Balancer

You are shining bright with self-care, self-love.  Hugs.  I recognize a woman who values herself highly.  You don’t just add a yoga class or two to an already overloaded schedule.  You know that replenishing your personal life foundation is the strong position as you face life’s joys and bumps. 

The healthiest emphasis is on personal life success.  As a result, public or business concerns will roll out smoothly.  Your health and wellbeing remain whole instead of depleted or rundown.  Life looks bright.  New ideas are poppin’.  Your creativity is smokin’ wherever you choose to apply your gifts.  Keep going.  Always put your personal happiness first—you deserve to be happy.  If you do then life will flow more easily.  Your family and your community will benefit.

 SUGGESTED FIRST TRAININGS:  Female Leadership; Leadership in Family Dynamics; Women Supporting Women; Prioritizing Personal Happiness.

3. A Woman Work Lifer

Come on now.  Put down that briefcase.  Put away that cellphone.  Too many hours at work?  When is down time?  Were you the woman next to me running on the treadmill?  You run hard outside the gym, too.  It’s because you want things.  You have goals.  And it’s good to want things.  You run hard because of cultural conditioning, too.  Either your pace is counter to childhood norms or hard pacing was the family’s way of doing life.  You’ve been highly successful tackling whatever life threw at you.  You’ve been a business leader, a Creative, and an Innovator.  I’m so proud of you. 

Indulge me by exploring a vision for your life.  Chances are you judge the quality of your life by how much you get done out there in the world and your days just fly by.  How about an entirely different measure from your inside out?  How well are you caring for your body?  What new personal interests have you pursued?  How much dedicated time for rest and renewal have you scheduled daily?  How much attention do your important personal relationships actually receive?  Doing a personal life assessment every now and then will help you to reorient toward sustaining a healthy, happy foundation with countless rewards in your public life without exhausting yourself.

SUGGESTED FIRST TRAININGS:  Being Instead of Doing; Life Balance; Healthier, Happier Problem-solving; Prioritizing Personal Happiness.

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