You have a right to personal happiness!

Elevate Women Collaborative is a support organisation and community for professional women who are pledged to do good for women and children.  Women supporting women.  Always.  –Aisha-Sky Gates, founder


There are millions of women all over the world working in almost every occupation who do their best to aid & empower other women. Elevate Women Collaborative was created to support YOU and your organization. We have professional development programs. We also offer individual coaching.
Our purpose: strengthening a woman's personal life in order to strengthen her overall. And there's more. By doing so, we will have released more Woman Power in the world!

Think about your own life. Compare your public arena and your successes to your personal life. Which is likely to to get short shrift? We can teach you a stronger personal life position that's true to who you actually are.

Let's free more Woman Power AND support your personal happiness, all at the same time. Be happy. Be your natural powerful self.

Who are YOU if you are NOT prioritizing your own happiness. How are you doing really?

Elevate Her: Career Mom

Parent is a primary identity. No co-parent. You know that you have to work. Fearfully overdoing. Maybe you are still working on a degree.

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Elevate Her: Corporate Climber

You are already at the top of your game. Your first priority is career and your next success. External markers determine your standards for happiness.

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Elevate Her: Corporate Sitter

You are not new to the corporate world but you are an outlier in your own mind. Imposter! who'll be found out any time now.

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Elevate Her: Freelance Businesswoman

Trying to have it all? Working yourself to the bone everyday---badge of honor, right? When do you ever think of your own welfare? Last, of course.

Elevate Women Collaborative believes that every woman has a right to personal happiness.
YOU have a right to personal happiness.

Can You Imagine?

–leading with “I need . . . ?“

–getting your needs met?

–allowing yourself to swell up with desire and then expecting to be satisfied?

–being full up, fueled up with your own natural power?

–being fully rested and replenished?

–feeling better?

Elevate Women Collaborative offers our Personal Life Leadership program for colleges, women’s organizations, and business diversity programs. Think of your students, staff, or clients. TRAININGS.

You can offer yourself happiness, inner peace, more energy, and a deep spiritual strength. SCHEDULE a personal development COACHING session with me.  Gain clarity.  Feel better.


Women typically leave consideration for their own needs last, if at all.  But rather like putting on your own oxygen mask first before trying to assist others, women need to prioritize their own needs and their own happiness before extending their energy to help others.  Burnout is not inevitable or unavoidable.

We work ourselves to the point of exhaustion for the good of others.  We usually put very little back into our own gas tank.  What if each woman woke up tomorrow and made sure that she had a good breakfast, was well rested, paced herself to take care of only what she can reasonably do in a day, and later made sure that she had time to relax, to do whatever replenishes her?  Work would get done better.  Women and their families would be fulfilled and happy.

Aisha-Sky Gates is a personal development and relationship coach, author, organizational development consultant and trainer, and creator of Elevate Women Collaborative’s Personal Life Leadership program.  She is the founder of Elevate Women Collaborative. [If you are looking for counseling, see Gates Counseling.] SCHEDULE A MONTHLY COACHING PROGRAM.

Women supporting women.  Always.

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We’ll Get You There

with Personal Life Leadership Skills


  • Introduction to Personal Life Leadership
  • The True Meaning of Self-care


  • Women’s History and Our Real Lineage
  • Life Balance (not Work/Life Balance)
  • Female Leadership in Family Dynamics
  • & more.  We customize. 

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