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You Have A Right To Your Own Personal Happiness

Elevate Women Collaborative is a support organization for professional women who are pledged to do good for women and children.

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Women Supporting Women. Always.

Aisha-Sky Gates is a personal development and relationship coach, author, organizational development consultant and trainer, and creator of Elevate Women Collaborative’s Personal Life Leadership program.

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A Sample of My Workshop Topics


Story Power

We can use our early stories as fuel for further personal development.


Life Designs

I can show you how to design your life to meet your core needs.


Problem Solving

Let’s aim for being as effective in our personal lives as we are superstars in our public arenas.


Your True Self

Full expression of Your True Self represents your Strongest Position in Life.


Setting Boundaries

Other people attempt to  satisfy their needs.  Only a handful of their proposals are in your best  interest. 


Female Leadership

Female Leadership looks nothing like masculine models.  We get the job done and bring everyone along with us.


Personal Life Negotiation

 Learning how to negotiate in your personal life is a powerful life skill.


Building Positive Family Dynamics

You can lead.  You can influence.

About Me

You can call me Aisha. My trainings offer a fresh perspective and innovative life skills.

“Never accept crumbs.”

Isn’t that what we say in business?  What about in our personal lives?  Never accept crumbs.
— Aisha-Sky Gates

My Clients Are Amazing

"Aisha made me laugh a lot and learn a lot. So glad I listened to her."

JBT, PhD. Environmental Sciences

"Got me ready to make some hard shifts in my personal life and I did them!

Leyda K., Mom of 3 & Business Consultant

"Coaches each need a coach behind them. I needed someone who could hold some pretty complicated parts and pieces in my life. She helped me to think it through."

Helena Jimenez

"I was despondent and beginning to come down with something but I kept on working long hours. I was afraid to stop. Aisha, got me to understand the cultural stuff behind feeling that I was nevver enough. With her help, I restructured my life."

Willa Klamath, Architect & Professor

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