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WE CAN Prioritize Our Own Happiness

I read a NY Times article about women taking on most of the additional labor caused by the pandemic and by a slowed economy.  Now, you and I know that...

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Elevate Women Podcast

010 Claiming the Full Range of Our Emotions with guest Isha Vela, trauma psychologist 009 Discovering Your Steps to Clarity with guest Katherine Golub, MBA PCC 008 Historic Romance and...

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Owning the Room–you lead

Put your shoulders back, chin up, and command your space. I’ve told this story more than a few times and now I want to share it with you. We, women,...

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About Me: Read My Story

Sometimes, it is very, very difficult to tell my story one more time.  My closest friend asked me a question about what happened to me and my children just the...

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